Unita’s profound music and intimate lyrics pierce the heart like an arrow. The entire album is one giant personal prayer. Every song is exquisite. This music is a tribute to the spiritual beauty that is inherent in all of us but is all too rarely realized and even more rarely expressed. Through the Veils is truly a gift to humanity and we are all enriched and blessed by it.” - Herb Ernst (Dreamflight Trilogy, Bringers of the Dawn, Angels & Ecstasy)

— Mystic Visions

It was an hour of pure happiness listening to your amazing CD. I fell in love with your two bonus tracks, WOW!! Through the Veils is a flawless jewel. BRAVO. You are really a music angel. - Yves, Aura Musick, Canada”
Your original version of this CD brought Baby and me many hours of quiet peace and comfort when he was so sick a few years ago. I would lie on the couch next to him while your CD played and I would pet him, kiss his head and tell him he was going to be all right...And to this day, he still is, thank God. I'll never forget the role your music played in Baby's (and MY) recovery. Thank you, my friend. - John O'Dowd, Author of "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye: The Barbara Payton Story”
Unita's voice has been compared to Enya and Loreena McKennitt. No contest in my opinion. Her melodies are ravishingly beautiful. THROUGH THE VEILS is mouthwatering and soul-stirring. In essence, a gem, the real thing. - Carol Wright, NAV Unita offers startlingly clear, soaring vocals, and her lyrics touch the heart...Unita's warm grace, her beautiful voice and touching words are a delight." -Steve Ryals, NAR Unita's soaring soprano renders tender, romantic and hopeful arias. She sings life affirming invocations for peace on all levels. Unita's voice will guide listeners on many pleasant and healing journeys. Listen to THROUGH THE VEILS. It's magnificent!" - Dan Liss - AQUARIUS Unita's lyrics often touch on angels, some of them the earthly ones we hold dear. Her voice, too, can only be described as angelic. THROUGH THE VEILS is guaranteed to warm the heart even in the coldest circumstance, much like an angel standing at one's side." - Peggy Randall, NAPRA ReVIEW Having been in the recording industry since 1985, I can honestly say that I have not heard a purer voice or a more emotive sensitivity than that which characterizes Unita's singing." - Herb Ernst, Mystic Visions”