Almost Forgotten Original Film Soundtrack

Unita and Joseph Akins are the composers of the soundtrack for an independent short film written by Janette Lane Bradbury and directed by Hugo Pallete, titled "Almost Forgotten". Their music is featured throughout much like a music video, and in the end credits. You will hear Joseph's piano and orchestration talents as well as Unita's ethereal vocalese.

The beautiful soundtrack contains an orchestrated, instrumental with vocalese extended version of the song "Through the Veils" that received rave reviews when the film was distributed internationally. This track is currently available only on this CD through HeartSong Music. It will be available as a download sometime in the future.  There are 3 other songs featured on this CD from Unita's Through the Veils album. Reminds Me of A Dream (used in the end credits), In My Garden and the original Through the Veils as bonus tracks.

The DVD of the film is a rare and limited edition also available through HeartSong Music while supplies last. See info on the product list for Almost Forgotten DVD. 

If you would like to order this CD, email This CD sells for $10.98 plus $2.00 shipping.