New CD release 

This new release is a blessing in my life. My hope is that this music will give joy and peace to many in these challenging times. Thanks to all my friends and family who have supported me and given me a hug when I needed it. I have been told that my music is a gift, but in truth, all the positive feedback and new friends and love I receive in return is the real gift.


So in the summer of 2014 I was honored to be invited to perform in concert at the International Society of Angels hosted Angel Expo in Orlando at Disney. This was an amazing event full of beautiful souls all working together to make a difference in our lives. In addition, I have always wanted to sing for Disney since I was a child, perhaps even as a Disney character, so for me this was close enough! Thank you to all of you who attended our concert, the angelic energy there was beyond amazing! Beautiful…

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Great Updates on "Veils" 

Hi folks, I don't blog often so I need to catch up here. In the past few months lots of wonderful things have happened with "Through the Veils 10th Anniversary Special Edition". First, it's being played on radio stations all over the country now and also in some places internationally. It was recently picked up by cable's Music Choice/Soundscapes with 3 tracks! This is huge. It was also nominated and is in the finals for Best Vocal album in ZMR's Annual Lifestyles Music Awards (Zone Music Reporter) in the…

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Hi Folks, well I learned recently that Through the Veils Anniversary Special Edition has reached #18 on the Zone Reporter music top 100! I am before folks like Kitaro and Will that is something to be excited about. Thank you all for listening!

Music Samples here now! 

The good news is now you can hear song samples on my site. Just click on Music and Lyrics and there it is! Remember also there is a story about each song and lyrics for anyone who would like to read them.  Stay tuned for  more song clips of other music from HeartSong Music.

Music is so important in our lives, and I feel so fortunate to be a part of the music industry in my own small way. I hope you enjoy the clips and will tell all your friends about my site and my new CD. Thanks to all!

I'm on Amazon and CD Baby! 

Yes I am finally on Amazon and my CDs or in stock. CD Baby has my page purrring like a kitten with MP3s and of course my CD is available now. This is exciting indeed. Please go and check it out, and send your friends. There is nothing that helps the artist more than sharing the music with your friends and family. I hope my music will bring you much enjoyment and peace...knowing this is the blessing I receive so please drop me a note either in an email or on my guestbook if you like.

Happy New Year to all! 

It's hard for me to believe it's goodness where does the time go! Now that the holidays are over I have been immersed in working my music business by filling orders for my new CD (can't believe all the CD orders I'm getting...what a blessing!), creating and updating this website, mass marketing, and so on. And as most of you know, I am also a realtor and I'm getting back in high gear on my real estate business, as it's income is what keeps me flexible to do the creative work I love. Sometimes…

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CD update 

The last few days have been busy with wonderful things. My new CD is now available for pre-order on and will be available on Jan 1st 2010, and my distributor is having a fit over it. He's such a sweet man and has been my biggest fan over the years. Bless him. Joseph and I are both on a roll it seems with our music....and at the same time! I love it.

What a lovely christmas present having all this excitement for the music. This is as it should be, after all, this is my heart and soul and what I…

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Today's update 

Well folks, exciting things happening around the Akins homestead. My new CD is selling like wonderful...and I've got to learn how to consolidate the orders because I've made 3 visits to the post office already this week! Yikes, and those long lines...well, I keep an attitude of gratitude always so no complaints here! By the way, you can order from this website now by sending me an email from my guestbook page. The CDs will be online on Amazon in a few weeks. More later on downloads and other…

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