Almost Forgotten

Hers was the dream, his was the dance, love was the choice.......

"Almost Forgotten" is a naturalistic, modern fairy tale of unconditional love transporting the viewer into a romantic world of sight and sound. Contains beautiful dance sequences and music throughout. Written by actress, producer, writer Janette Lane Bradbury, and directed by Hugo Pallete. Music composed and performed by Unita and Joseph Akins.

This film is produced by Valkyrie Theater of Dance and Drama, a non -profit corporation creating outreach programs  that aid in  the rehabiitation of abused women and childern, at-risk teenagers and special needs children and adults. Through the teaching of music, dance, drama, poetry, art and filmmaking along with the hands-on interactions within communities, many lives are enhanced and changed by giving hope and education. Please visit their website at

This DVD is available for purchase through HeartSong Music. Email Unita at The sales price for this DVD is $15.98 plus $2.50 shipping. Make checks payable to Unita Akins. DVD will be mailed to you upon receipt of payment. You may also use pay pal. **20% of sales goes to Valkyrie Theatre of Dance and Drama to support their outreach program. Limited Edition.