The Butterfly Box

"For those who want to believe, and for those who already do."

The Butterfly Box by Unita B. Akins is a touching chronicle of transformation, inspired by true events. Moving, magical stories of angelic butterflies spiritually connected by a grandmother's legacy of love, take the reader on an enchanted journey of the heart.   The Butterfly Box is a soulful testament to the power and beauty of love that exists in this world and beyond.

"Sometimes in a shining moment of grace, love will come to us softly and in unexpected the brush of a butterfly's wing."

Coming soon in 2015!

The Faerie Home Companion

"Between the worlds of men and make believe, I can be found."- Dan Fogelberg

The Faerie Home Companion delights with Unita's enchanting photography that takes the reader on a visual journey of wonderment through the magical realm of the imagination. Real, unaltered photos of faerie homes accompanied by a guide for how to find them, how to photograph them, and other useful tips on faerie home hunting. This book is for anyone young at heart who wishes to experience the "otherworld" within the mystery and wonders of nature.

"When you find your first faerie home, believe me you will be hooked. You will view the woods, creeks, meadows, and all nature a whole new way, and the door to the magical realm will be open to you from that moment on."

Coming soon in 2014!