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Unita: News & Updates

Veils and the Movies - November 25, 2014

So a few months ago I was contacted by a lovely man, Bill Riead, who was working on a movie about Mother Teresa called "The Letters", starring the great actors Max Von Sydow and Rutger Hauer. Turns out he is the writer and director, and heard my music from "Through the Veils" on Soundscapes while walking through his living room in Beverly Hills. He told me my voice and music was amazing and he wanted permission to consider some of my music for his film which was almost finished. Well, of course I said yes.

After much back and forth and long waits to hear in between, he finally contacted me and told me he wanted me in there but others had a say too and apparently I lost out to the wonderful Leona Lewis. What? THE Leona Lewis whose voice I have been a fan of every since she came on the scene several years ago...most recently she voiced the beautiful theme song for the movie "Avatar", "I See You"..I think that's the title. Well I didn't even know I was in the running along side of this lovely while disappointed, I was pinching myself that I was even in the same space to be considered. Wow.

Bill Riead sent me a beautiful email to let me know that he would definitely be contacting me in the future. I believe him. So let's see what the future brings! See email below. And go see the movie. I believe it is released by 20th Century Fox and Distributed by Disney (there is the Disney connection again!). I saw the looks just beautiful.

Here is the email.....

Hi Unita,


"My film, "The Letters", will open wide throughout the U.S. on December 5 ... and though it's too late for me to use any of your songs in my current film, I have every intention of getting with you on future music for future films that I will direct.  You're voice is absolutely beautiful and unique and lends itself to cinema, especially when playing such songs as 'Through the Veils' over an end credits crawl."

Good luck.




CinemaWest LLC

In Association with Riead Productions Corporation

8306 Wilshire Blvd. PMB2001

Beverly Hills, CA 90211



Unita Sings at Disney!! - November 25, 2014

So in the summer of 2014 I was honored to be invited to perform in concert at the International Society of Angels hosted Angel Expo in Orlando at Disney. This was an amazing event full of beautiful souls all working together to make a difference in our lives. In addition, I have always wanted to sing for Disney since I was a child, perhaps even as a Disney character, so for me this was close enough! Thank you to all of you who attended our concert, the angelic energy there was beyond amazing! Beautiful, beautiful.......

Unita is on Pandora! - January 15, 2014

Hello my friends, Please check me out on Pandora! I would so appreciate your adding me to your playlists. This is exciting news and I am over the moon! Through the Veils 10th Anniversary Edition is going strong and "Myth" is being played everywhere!


Through the Veils Available on ITunes - February 13, 2012

a quick note to make sure everyone knows that "Veils" is also available on ITunes and CD Baby, as well as Amazon. You can also order your copy direct from our website. Thanks so much for the wonderful response to this CD, it's really an honor to share the music and you guys are all the best fans anyone could have. Bless you all.

Unita on Music Choice/Soundscapes - February 19, 2011

Unita's album "Through the Veils 10th Anniversary Special Edition" has 3 tracks being played on Music Choice/Soundscapes. Tune in and hear this beautiful music!

"Veils" Nominated for Best Vocal CD! - February 14, 2011

"Through the Veils 10th Anniversary Special Edition" has been nominated and is in the finals of the ZMR Lifestyle Music Awards! In the company of Nora Jones and Bobby McFerrin.....yes!

#18 on top 100 Zone Reporter! - January 3, 2011

#18 ON TOP 100 ZONE REPORTER!! Hi Folks, well I learned recently that Through the Veils Anniversary Special Edition has reached #18 on the Zone Reporter music top 100! I am ahead of folks like Kitaro and Will that is something to be excited about. Thank you all for listening!

Available Now on Amazon and CD Baby - January 21, 2010

Check out Unita's newest release Through the Veils 10th Anniversary Special Edition now available for purchase on Amazon and CD Baby. ITunes will be coming soon!

New CD Release/Joseph Akins - December 3, 2009

Joseph Akins has recently released his new CD titled "Spirit Touch", his 3rd album of original contemporary instrumental music. Go to for info, photos and updates.

New CD Release/Unita - December 3, 2009

 Contact: Unita and Joseph Akins, HeartSong Music. 615-473-7178/615-473-7127 ***

NEW CD RELEASE from Songstress Unita Soars with songs of dreams, angels, enchantment and peace.


 Through the Veils - 10th Anniversary Special Edition is a new, special edition release from singer/songwriter Unita, a crystalline voiced songstress often compared to Enya, Loreena McKennitt and Sarah McLachlan. Her successful original release with the same title became an International hit in the New Age genre. Carol Wright with New Age Voice said “Through the Veils is mouthwatering and soul-stirring. In essence, a gem….the real thing.” Now, a decade later, this special edition version will delight many with the crisp, clear sound of the re-mastering, the beautiful new packaging, and two bonus tracks of new music recorded by Unita.

This timeless collection of original music soars with Unita’s haunting and beautiful voice, accompanied by an intimate blend of piano, keyboards, layered vocals and ethereal textures. Dreams, Angels, Enchantment, Peace… all themes of the gorgeous songs within that take the listener on a wondrous journey. Popular recording artists Joseph Akins (Masterpeace, Spirit Touch) and Herb Ernst (Dreamflight Trilogy, Bringers of the Dawn, Angels and Ecstasy) lend their piano and keyboard talents to this exceptional album of music. This album will surely touch a new generation of listeners as well as become a must-have collector’s item for her fans.

"It was an hour of pure happiness listening to your amazing CD. I fell in love with your two bonus tracks, WOW!! Your CD is a flawless jewel. BRAVO. You are really a music angel."

-Yves, Aura Musick, Canada

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