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Unita: Listen to Music

Magic Love

Unita - vocals, lyrics. Herb Ernst - music, keyboards

Magic Love -  My friend Herb Ernst sent me this music to entice me to write lyrics to it. I was stunned with it's beauty and moved to tears when I heard it, knowing at once it was the song of a true love rarely found anywhere but in a fairytale. I found myself singing from the depths of my soul before the words ever found their home. When the lyrics did come, it was as if they had always been waiting for the right voice and music to give them life. It was a magical experience.

  Magic Love

Hold me in the magic of your love
Where my dreams begin with you
Where my dreams will all come true
And in the twilight of our passion
Two hearts will touch the sky, embrace the stars
And in the morning light we will remember
That Once Upon A Time, is where we are
And this story’s happy ending
Is forever the beginning
Love is forever, love is forever
Magic love