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God Only Knows

(Unita and Joseph)
Unita - Vocals, lyrics and music. Joseph Akins - Piano, keyboards and music.

This song was written about the famous "Miracle on the Hudson" that happened the early part of 2009, about the plane that went down in the Hudson and all lives were saved. Such an inspirational story. Joseph and I wrote and recorded this as a song that might be sung by Carrie Underwood or someone  in that genre. I also produced a music video with this song as a backdrop to interviews I did with students asking the question "Was it a Miracle?". The video will be available here soon. This song will only be available as a download for now.

God Only Knows

On a cold winter’s day, only minutes on their way
To a life that would be forever changed
On a runway paved with water, braced for impact they went down
Now a hero’s story gives us hope again
I’m asking you, do you believe it’s true
It ‘s a miracle they say, that all were saved….
(Well) God only knows
When they walked out on the wing, they saw the strangest thing
Answered prayers, was a vision to behold
There were angels all around, in the water, on the ground
Reaching out to hands that trembled from the cold
If you’re asking me, well I do believe
There were miracles that day, but whose to say
God only knows
Are we all passengers of fate in times of need
Just ordinary brethren, hoping we will go to heaven
Can miracles be real if we believe 
God only Knows                                           
If you’re asking me, yes I do believe
There are miracles everyday ……and I still pray
For God only knows…
Are we spirit here to heed a higher call
Born of everything Divine, hope and faith in humankind
Are miracles the greatest gift of all
God only knows