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Unita: Listen to Music


(Labyrinth Moon)
Unita - Vocals and Lyrics. Joseph Akins - Music, keyboards.

Voyager is a song composed under our Labyrinth Moon group name. The group being Joseph and me. This music has an enigma/dance/chill sound. We love composing and recording this kind of music and intend to write more songs to add to the collection. For now it is available as a download only. We get raves from people who hear it. I loved writing and singing on this one.



Shadows dark as a moonless night
Lost inside a dream again
From somewhere sweet voices call
The circle never ends

Follow your heart they said
There’s no need to hide
Through all your darkest night
Love will be your guide

We travel life’s mystery
And we can choose today
For angels to lead us home
For love to light the way

Angels lead us home
Love will light the way