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Sweet Ellyon

December 3, 2009
Unita - Vocals and Lyrics. Joseph Akins - Music , piano and keyboards.

Some lovely friends of ours named their first child Ellyon Elestial, and I thought that was the most beautiful, magical name I had ever heard. In honor of this precious new life, I wanted to write a song of hope that would be sprinkled with some magic and a little angel dust. The music was already an instrumental on Joseph's album "Keys to the Heart", and it seemed natural to write lyrics to such a beautiful melody. Here is the link to the website where Ellyon and her family live at Ghost Horse Hollow ranch.

Sweet Ellyon

My sweet Ellyon, this song is for you
Your life has just begun, the world is still brand new
May love be your guide, to show you the way
With angels by your side, tomorrow and today

Tonight the moon will smile upon you
And when its magic writes your name across the sky
You’ll hear this lullaby

Tonight you’ll dream, and in the morning
You’ll hear the music dance with halos ‘round the sun
And you’ll know, sweet Ellyon
That angels sing your song